Brand Name Spelling should be spelled as it is in the logo, even when starting a sentence. Although, you may see the name spelled a number of other ways including, idnet, IDnet, or ID for short. As a rule, spell the brand the same, as you would type it into a browser address bar. To be more consistent, always use lower case even when conflicting with other grammatical rules. Additionally, when pronouncing the brand, you can use id dot net or id net for short.

Brand Logos

The logo is available in multiple sizes and formats in the Logo Archive. The archive contains pngs, Adobe Illustrator .ai and .eps formats, a PDF, and a Flash .fla format. For dark backgrounds, use a logo with white stroke, so the edges are more visible.

Note: Files must be openend in RGB color mode

If you also need the Y8 logos, visit the Y8 upload page.